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BARCELONA SPAIN for teenagers aged 5 - 17



Learn Spanish this summer in an absolutely breathtaking city.

Barcelona is located in the Northeast of Spain, on the Mediterranean coast of the Iberian Peninsula. A city of 2 million people, Barcelona is Spain's second largest city. It is also the Capital of the Catalonian Region where two official languages are spoken: Catalan and Spanish.

The city offers a wide variety of colorful and intricate architecture created by the world famous Gaudí, the Gothic Quarter, and the pedestrian street "Las Ramblas" make this city a traveler and art lover's paradise.

Its history is beautifully reflected in the famous "Barrio Gótico", the old town district known as the Gothic Quarter for the treasures house of Gothic monuments found there.

It is the site of both historic monuments and modern institutions. It is also the Mecca of Spain for modern art and theatre lovers. Students can admire the work of Picasso, Miró and visit the famous "Sagrada Familia".

Barcelona hosts many festivals during the summer months. These include the Grec Festival at the Theatre Grec, classical music festivals at the Palau de la Música at the end of September, and the very important "Mercé" celebration, which commemorates the patron saint of the city.

If you would like to relax, Barcelona offers a wide selection of parks and gardens or why not take a trip to the beach (25 minutes) or the nearby mountains rising up behind the city. Skiing is available in the winter, (1.5 hours) will take you to the ski slope La Molina.

In metropolitan Barcelona, tradition, avant garde, creativity, chaos and stress typical of a large city somehow blend together marvelously. One of the main reasons for this is the endless variety Barcelona has to offer.

Whether its museums or the endless places worthy of visiting to do some sightseeing, art galleries, cinemas, theatres, street festivals, parks, restaurants or bars... Barcelona has something for everyone.

As Barcelona has become such a multicultural metropolis, nowadays you’ll be sure to find all sorts of eating options here. There is an ever-increasing range of international cuisine which includes Indian, Pakistani, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Chinese and Thai cuisine, as well as Latin American and Italian food. Even so, this trend is catching on quite slowly and one’s best bet is to try out the experienced local cuisine.

Catalonian cuisine undoubtedly produces some of Spain’s finest cooking. With a port on the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona naturally has access to the freshest seafood and fish. This together with other fresh Spanish produce such as fruits and vegetables, guarantee savoury and delicious dishes. Not only is the fish excellent here, but meat dishes are definitely worth a try. A normal meal here consists of a solid meat or fish dish, accompanied by plenty of fresh vegetables and salad. An absolute must in these hearty meals is the all important olive oil, as well as garlic to season.

Barcelona has made a name for itself when it comes to food and is on the cutting edge of modern cuisine: in 2002 a Gallic food guide, Le Guide des Gourmands, voted Barcelona Europe's eating capital.


The weather in Barcelona is pleasant most of the year round. However you'll experience the absolute best weather from May to the end of July. September is also a good month. August can be hot during the day (sometimes peaking around 34°C, 95F ) so if you love saunas then this is the time of the year for you!

Petty theft and con-artists may be a problem in Spain, particularly in the big cities. Pickpockets are in abundance in crowded places in larger cities and in tourist areas, especially on crowded buses, bus stops or train stations. Don't carry all your valuables on your person.

Take the same precautions you would in any large city. Women should not walk alone after dark, don't wear expensive jewelry, be careful with handbags, etc. Use only official taxis or radio taxis if available. For females, unsolicited comments from strangers (male) are part of the culture.

A 5-10% tip is customary in restaurants, hotels, guides and taxis. In some cases a service charge is already added to your restaurant bill and you need to tip only if the service was particularly good.

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