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SALAMANCA SPAIN for teenagers aged 5 - 17



Salamanca, known as Spain's "Golden City," is home to the world's 5th oldest university and a wealth of gorgeous historical buildings. A city comprised mainly of students, Salamanca is renowned for its lively nightlife and high concentration of bars and clubs. It's the perfect place to get integrated into Spanish university life and meet other Spaniards your age.

Salamanca was named the "European Culture Capital" of 2002, which will serve as no surprise to anyone who's seen the city's ornately adorned cathedrals and university buildings. The Plaza Mayor, undoubtedly the most impressive in Spain, stands as the heart of the city and the region of Castile, the birthplace of the Spanish language. A plethora of renowned Spanish philosophers, writers and artists have passed through the halls of Salamanca's universities, yet its inhabitants are humble, friendly people who warmly encourage foreigners to join in the fun and learn their language.

La Plaza Mayor
Center of all Salmantino activity, the Plaza Mayor continues to bustle as it did in the 18th century. Widely considered Spain's most beautiful square, its intricate baroque adornment glimmers on yellow sandstone by day. By night, the plaza lights up to welcome visitors, local students and veteran Salmantinos alike who enjoy the fresh air and lively ambience.

The University of Salamanca
Founded way back in 1218, Salamanca boasts Europe's 4th oldest university, present all around in elegant, yellowstone buildings dating to the . Breath in more than 800 years of intellectual life as you wander the streets and halls of Spain's great thinkers like Luis de Góngora, Miguel de Unamuno and Pedro Calderón de la Barca. Reputation still intact, Spanish students flock here from all over the country, mixing with international coeds to make up more than 30% of the city's total population.


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