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NICE FRANCE for teenagers aged 8 - 17



Learn French this summer in the beautiful Cote d Azur.

Visit vibrant Vieux-Nice, the Old Town, where the native Niçois live. It's also home to lively cafés, galleries, and nightclubs. Bring your camera or paint box and capture the colors of the flower market, Marché aux Fleurs. Lunch on a Niçoise-style pizza, or pissaladiére, or perhaps a fresh salade Niçoise.

Stroll the promenade des Anglais, Nice's grand avenue, lined with palm trees, gardens, shops, and hotels, including the grand Hôtel Negresco, which boasts a mammoth Baccarat chandelier. View superb art at The Fine Arts Museum (Musée des Beaux-Arts) and the Masséna Museum (Musée d'Art et d' Histoire Palais Masséna).

Ponder the remains of Roman baths and a large arena on Cimiez Hill. Henri Matisse lived in Nice during the last years of his life; the Matisse Museum (Musée Matisse) offers an excellent survey of his work. See some of Marc Chagall's most important works at the Chagall Museum (Musée du Message Biblique Marc-Chagall).

Our vaction allows you plenty of time to discover your new country, culture and customs. Below are some of our recommended highlights.

City tour
Many pleasures will accompany your visit of the town, and all your senses will be appealed to. Colors, odors, points of view, lively markets, museums, so much to see and visit. You may stroll along the pedestrian walks going through the hills of Nice with beauty spots on the way, or walk through the town, or take the little train or ride in a barouche. Depending on your interests, a sail across the sea or a little rest in the gardens will tempt you. Refresh yourself near the 150 fountains and basins or by diving into the sea. Taste the local produce and the specialties.

Cimiez Museum Of Archeology: Opened in 1989, its illustrates "Cerenemum's", as well as, the Alpes-Maritimes area's life and history with exhibits of ancient pottery, monnies, jewelry. Museum Of Art And History: Sumptuous first empire decoration. Museum Of Modern And Contemporary Art: Emphasis is given to 1960-70 art movement.

Fine Arts Museum: Vast collections, from the eighteenth to the early twentieth centuries(Italian seicento, french eighteenth century; Van Lou, Natoire, Fragonard) in a magnificent residence. Franciscan Museum And Cimiez Monastary: Located in a 17th century convent. Matisse Museum: Situated in the center of Cimiez's olive grove, this prominent museum is housed in a 17th century Genoan villa garnished with "trompe l'oeil" frescos.

Mark Chagall Museum: Located in the heart of a Mediterranean garden, the museum has a permanent exhibition of Chagall's outstanding paintings.Prehistoric Museum Of Terra Amata: This prehistoric elephant hunter's camp, discovered in the center of Nice, has been marvelously reconstructed.Lascaris Palace Museum: Home of the Lascaris family (Vintimillia), this Genovan style palace units a magnificent 17th residence with ornaments from the 18th century.

City walks
A ramble path, marked with arrows, fourteen kilometers long, is using the old country lanes which are linking the Var plain westwards, to the Gairaut hills eastwards. It allows, for good walkers, the discovery of the landscapes of the country of Nice, the Bellet vineyards, the olive groves, the traditional floral and market gardening, the pine forests and the green oak woods.

It offers marvelous viewpoints on the Baie des Anges and the hinterland overlooked by the Alpes Maritimes. A visit of the Bellet hamlet, the Saint Roman Church, with a stop by the spring, before taking the Via Augusta, built in 12 AD by August : so many interesting places, which are also telling the history of the region. The starting point is situated at the Lingostière station, which is served by the Chemins de fer de Provence train. Bus services are indenting the route, giving access to the paths, so one may interrupt the walk whenever he chooses to.

Massena Square: City life revolves around Massena Square, Nice's geographic center. Originally created in 1832, it has been redesigned several times since then and in 1852 finally named in honor of one of the city's most famous citizens. This harmoniously landscaped area of fountains, statues, trees, flowers, etc. Monastery garden: Especially loved by ramblers looking for a peaceful environment and open spaces.

Ancient pergolas connected to the main buildings are covered by climbing rose bushes, well kept grass paths are decorated with seville oranges, tangerines trees, etc. and the almost sacred wooded areas invite meditation. Albert 1st Garden: One of Nice's oldest gardens which connects the old town (Vielle Ville) to the modern city. Located in the heart of the city but also overlooking the sea, it forms a continuous two kilometer green path through Nice beginning at the Mediterannean Sea and includes the Paillon promenade and Square Leclerc.

The phoenix park: The largest plant house in the world, the Astronomic Garden, the Island of the Remotes Times, The Maya Temple, fishes, birds, exotic butterflies and thousand of flowers as well as exhibits, events and entertainment.

The theatrical activity in Nice, driven by the Center for Dramatic Art, which was created in 1969, has enjoyed an important boom. The National Conservatoire of the Region, the Dramatic Center, the University, the Regional Youth and Sports Structures and the Municipal Entertainment Centers are combining efforts in order to form and reveal new artists. Today, Nice invites its public to see the national first productions, in its biggest theater, the "Theater of Nice".

Sports and activities
It is possible to practice any type of sport in Nice, from the most traditional, such as football, to swimming. Tennis is played in many courts, as is basketball and volleyball. Conditions for practicing water sports is excellent. Water-skiing, motor, sailing and rowing boats are available and of course the great waterfront of the Riviera are what have made this area one of the most visited regions of France.


With over 2500 hours of sunshine every year, Nice boasts an exceptionally mild climate. The average daily temperature hovers around 15°C, soaring up to 40°C in July-August and rarely dipping below 5°C in winter (November-February). In summer the water temperature is a languid 20-25°C.

Restaurants can be found all over the city. Promenade de Anglais is full of restaurants and cafés to choose from, although they can be pricey. For the best selection, covering all price ranges, go to Vieux Nice. Naturally there are many restaurants in the city serving national cuisine. These range from top class restaurants which would cause most teens to go over their budget, to those with more reasonably priced menus. Italian food is also prominent on most Naçois menus.

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