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LIGNANO ITALY for teenagers aged 14 - 17


Lignano is a popular vacation destination for Europeans with a nice climate, expansive sandy beaches, pine forests, with outstanding sport and entertainment facilities. With its lively atmosphere and excellent amenities, it provides the ideal environment for study and leisure.

Located to the South of Friuli, between Venice and Trieste, Lignano is a peninsula stretching into the Adriatic Sea. Lignano has an extensive 8 km golden beach with calm shallow water. Around the beach area a wide variety of games take place, volleyball, bowls, tennis andsoccer. Sporting equipment is available for all types of water sports: Paddle boats, surfboards, sailing boats, canoes, etc. (more)


Your language vacation itinerary

  You will book your own flights and arrive independently into Lignano via Venice (100km) or Trieste (60km)

You will be met at the airport and taken to your accommodation. Your accommodation is included on the Sunday, our language courses start on Monday and finish Friday, departure day Sunday (except for final day of program).

You will be studying and living with like-minded students of a similar age from around the world, under the supervision of our staff, with rules & curfews.

Campus location
  Our summer school campus is located on a peaceful, secure and quite stunning pine wood campus which opens out to a private beach and the beautiful waters of the Adriatic Sea.

Located in a large residential campus "Villaggio Adriatico", Italian teenagers also study on campus allowing our teens the opportunity to interact with Italian teenagers of the same age.

Our campus has an extensive pinewood park, a wide stretching private beach, numerous sport facilities such as a swimming pool, basketball court, sand volleyball and tennis courts. It is the perfect setting to have outdoor classes and to organize sports and leisure activities.

Course options
& details

  4 GROUP LESSONS DAILY - 20 lessons per week

We accept all levels
A lessons usually lasts 45 minutes
Course runs Monday through Friday starting at 9am
Course materials are included
You will take a placement test on the first Monday
Maximum 12 students per group class

Lodging options
Students live on-campus in residence
Share rooms according to age & gender
Sleep in rooms w/ 2 - 4 beds, ensuite bathroom
Staff live on campus with students
Includes 3 meals daily

Student info

  Supervision level: HIGH

Ages 12 - 14 are supervised 24 hours & NOT allowed to leave campus (if not attending an organised event). Tutor/group ratio: 15 students
Lights out no later than 10 / 11 pm, depending on age.

Aged 15 - 17 are supervised but are allowed to move independently within the campus grounds. On some occasions tutors allow students to walk autonomously in small groups in certain area's outside the campus - fixing several meeting points to control their movements.
Tutor/group ratio: 15 students
Lights out no later than 11pm / 12am, depending on age.

Estimated students on the immersion: 100 students
Staff ratio 1 counselor for every 15 students
85% of students attending will be non native English speakers, 50% will be Italian students the rest coming from around Europe.

After class activities

  Enjoy a schedule of social & cultural activities during the week with other students and weekend excursions.

During activities students will mix with Italian teens of the same age residing on campus. This will stimulate Italian language practice and new friendships.

Students will have the opportunity of practicing team sports: Football, Volleyball, Beachvolley & Basketball. Also enjoy Swimming, Skating and Tennis together. Horse riding outside the campus is available at an additional cost. Many workshops are available.

Once a week there will be a full day excursion, places of interest could include Venice, Verona, Trieste, Aquileia and Cividale.

Other   Travel medical insurance is included in this vacation
Airport transfers (pickup & drop-off)
Pre departure support & emergency assistance

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Beautiful campus on the beach with extensive pinewood parks
Numerous sport facilities: swimming pool, basketball, volleyball & tennis courts
Italian teens live/study on campus
On campus accommodation & classes
Highly supervised

"The camp was a lot of fun and I made wonderful friends who I will always keep in touch with.

Thinking about my time in Lignano makes me smile, I wouldn't trade the experience I had for anything. The accommodation was good, comfortable and always clean."

Read what our students say about their experiences in Lignano

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