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Whilst attending a Summer Language Vacation our teenager students will be supervised by experienced moniters and teachers. ALL teenagers MUST obey and respect rules, curfews and follow all instructions given by their supervisers and teachers.

:: PARIS-PASSY (ages 13 - 17) _____________________________________________

Supervision level: HIGH
This is a highly supervised program.Students are supervised by our monitors 24/7. All monitors are qualified to advise and assist students.

All outings are under our staff’s strict control and on condition that you have parental permission. Students are not allowed to go out unsupervised.

:: ANTIBES (ages 8 - 17) _____________________________________________

Supervision level: MEDIUM
All students aged 13+ are allowed to leave the campus after lunch from 1.30pm to 7.30pm each day.

This is a fully supervised program 24/7, however parents have TWO options regarding allowing permission to leave campus in the evenings after 8.30pm:

NO EVENING PERMISSION unless accompanied by group leaders.
Teens will NOT be allowed off campus unless written permission is given by parents or legal guardians.

Teens WILL be allowed to leave campus unaccompanied until 11pm one evening during the week (Tuesday or Wednesday) & at weekends (Friday & Saturday) until 1am. Detailed written permission will be required from parents or legal guardians.

:: NICE (ages 8 - 17) _____________________________________________

Supervision level: MEDIUM
This is a fully supervised program 24/7:

Teens under 16 are not allowed to go out in the evening unaccompanied. They are allowed to go out in the afternoon if they have written permission from their parents or legal guardians to do so.

Teens aged 16 + are not allowed to go out in the evening unaccompanied unless they have obtained written permission from their parents or legal guardians to do so. In all cases, and without exception, this permission will be limited to a curfew of 12:30 am.

:: CANNES (ages 12 - 17) _____________________________________________

Supervision level: MEDIUM
This is a supervised program:

All outings are under our staff’s strict control and on condition that you have parental permission. Ages 13-15 are not allowed out at all after 7:30pm. Detailed written permission will be required from parents or legal guardians for 16 & 17 year olds.

During evenings when children accommodated in the campus are not allowed to go out by themselves, accompanied excursions and thematic events are proposed by our teams on campus.

:: BIARRITZ (ages 13 - 17) _____________________________________________

Supervision level: MEDIUM
This is a supervised program:

Present and available from the first to the last day, our team of specially trained school monitors gives the required assistance and watches over everything. Adapted to the age of the participants and to the type of accommodation booked, this attentive and effective supervision manages to remain discrete. It allows for everyone to enjoy their stay in complete freedom and security.

In order to guarantee security, 24-hour surveillance is organised in all of the residences and an emergency number, which can be reached at all times, is in service in each Centre.

Curfew is 10pm. You are not allowed to leave the campus/residence between 7pm & 10am.

:: MONACO (ages 12 - 16) _____________________________________________

Supervision level: HIGH
All students are fully supervised on campus.

Students under the age of 14 may NOT leave the school premises unaccompanied, they only leave with staff members.

Students 14 or older may leave the school premises with permission of parents.
Curfew: 7:00 pm (back at campus) for all students, students can enjoy the freedom of all the campus facilities until lights out.

:: MONTPELLIER (ages 13 - 16) _____________________________________________

Supervision level: MEDIUM TO HIGH
All students are fully supervised on campus and residence.

Students must go back to the residence immediately after evening activities; on evenings when there are no activities organised, students will have the opportunity to stay in the residence or spend limited free time in the centre of montpellier, but must be back in the residence by 23:00 at the latest. Students are always accompanied to and from the town centre.


Our staff are carefully selected based on their experience, expertise and involvement with our teenage students. Supervision & safety is the main feature of our summer language vacations.

One moniter is assigned to each group of students and they act as mentors and the main contact for the teenager. They also ensure teens obey rules and abide by the set curfew times. Our staff staff provide close supervision and in many cases (depending on the location) live with the students in the various lodging options we offer.

Teens who do not comply with these guidelines will first receive a warning from the school staff. The behaviour may then result in the school contacting the parent or guardian to inform them that the parents/guardians must speak with their child directly. Consequently, if the student continues to violate the rules then they will be dismissed from the program and sent home at their parent’s expense and will not be entitled to a refund.

Our students must obey all curfews. Group leaders have the right to adjust the curfew according to external circumstances.

Taking part in lessons, leisure programs and the information meeting with the group leaders is a must. The student is expected to attend and arrive on time to ALL planned events, unless there is a good reason for them not attending. For students who are ill, they must have the permission of the Activity or School Co-ordinator in advance or prior to leaving the activity early. In some cases there will be extra activities (at an additional cost), these are optional to students.

Students are expected to be courteous and respectful guests, and must obey all local laws.

Tidiness: Students in host families and residences have to make their bed, and make sure their room is clean and tidy at all times.

The following are not tolerated on the program:

:: Hitchhiking is not allowed for safety reasons.

:: Smoking is not permitted on the program. FULL STOP!

:: Alcohol is strictly forbidden, if a student is caught with alcohol we reserve the right to send the student home at their own cost.

:: Drugs are strictly forbidden. Should drugs be found, the student will automatically be sent home at his/her own cost.

:: Burglary is not tolerated. The school will file charges in any case of burglary or theft, even if it is just about “little” things. We cannot be held responsible for any loss of property.

:: Mobiles: The use of mobiles during classes and information meetings is not allowed.

:: Illegal drug use, abusive behavior or stealing will not be tolerated, and the student will be sent home immediately at their own expense; a police report may be filed by the staff.

Our school staff will give official warnings to students whenever the staff or group leaders feel this is necessary. These warnings will be in writing and the student will sign these documents. This warning will then be passed to parents or guardians to inform them about the misbehaviour of the student. Only in severe cases will students be sent home without a warning (e.g. drugs). Students will usually will be sent home after a second warning.

Staying with a host family:
Participants are expected to be home with their host families by the appointed curfew time and must abide by other house rules. Students must advise their host family of where they are going and when they will be home - every day. Guests may not be brought to the host family or school residence without prior written permission from the camp staff and, if applicable, the host family.

Participants are normally not permitted to make long-distance phone calls from their host family accommodation, however parents may call the participants at the accommodation at specific times. It is also customary to keep calls brief.

Staying in the residence:
Students will be expected to make his/her bed, ensure their bedroom is clean and tidy. Students must inform the teamer/a group leader where they are going, with whom, and when they will be back. Noise: A noise disturbance rule starts at 10pm so students are not disturbed. Students must quiet down after 11pm and stay in their rooms - in both host families and residences.


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