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:: Costa Rica was a very enjoyable experience which I hope to do again next year and I would recommend this learning experience to all of my friends and family. My host family was great and over the 3 weeks I settled into a nice routine. The staff was great and so were the kids and I learned a lot of Spanish while I was there and over all a very good trip 10/10. See you next year
Alex - age 14

:: It was one of the best experiences of my life.

I met so many great people and got the chance to learn a second language. The room was better than I could have imagined and I loved living with the other students. I got to know all of the people very well and it gave me the oppurtunity to use the language often. All of the teachers seemed very passionate about the language as well.
Mary - age 16

:: Vienna is the most amazing place in the world. I was really sad I wasn't able to go to Berlin at first, but once classes started, I was so happy I went to Vienna! I made so many friends at the school and that live in Vienna! Classes were really fun and interesting, I loved them. The teachers use really good teaching methods. The staff is so caring, and amazing. I hope to be attending next summer.
Nicole - age 14

:: My experience was amazing. I had so much fun and i would definitely go back right now if I had the chance. I really improved my French not only in school but outside of school and communicating with students that didn't speak english. I made lots of new friends from many different places. Its a really good experience meeting people from other countries. Its interesting learning what they think about the USA and how they live their lives and what they like to do for fun.
Madeleine - age 17


Studying in the country a language is spoken is the most effective way to learn another language. So why not combine your SUMMER vacation with a language course and enjoy a TOTAL LANGUAGE IMMERSION VACATION!

:: Study with international students!
Our students come from around the world , different cultural backgrounds and diversity. We don't believe sending a group of students from the same country is the way to a true immersion.

:: Staff supervised programs
Our teenager students are fully supervised by experienced moniters and teachers. ALL teenagers MUST obey and respect rules, program curfews and follow instructions.

:: We accept all language levels
Our daily group language lessons are the main focus of the language vacation and designed to be interesting, entertaining and centered on a communicative approach.

:: Transfers, lodging & meals
We offer lodging options: live with a local Host family or in a student residence. Teens share rooms and receive 3 meals daily. All airport transfers are included

:: Activities & excursions
Once lessons are over for the day, teenagers will enjoy a schedule of activities and excursions together. At the weekends enjoy day excursions to local cities or places of interest.

:: A true immersion experience
Get to know the local people, immersing yourself in their culture , as well as the language. Enjoy daily language lessons followed by optional activities or weekend excursions with other international students.

Speaking, reading, listening to native speakers every day, you will gradually learn how they think, behave and live.

We will give you unbiased help in choosing the right type of language vacation to match your needs, supervision level, schedule of activities and more.

We work with only the most professional language partners recognized by the following language organizations, guaranteeing the highest quality language courses abroad.




BARCELONA (ages 5-17)
(Supervised - Residence)
VALENCIA (ages 12-17)
(Supervised - Residence)
MALAGA (ages 15-17)
(Supervised - Homestay or Residence)
SAN SEBASTIAN (ages 14-17)
(Supervised - Homestay or Residence)
TARRAGONA (ages 13-17)
(Supervised - Homestay or Residence)
MARBELLA (ages 14-17)
(Supervised - On campus residence)
SALAMANCA (ages 5-17)
(Supervised - Residence)
MADRID (ages 5-17)
(Supervised - Residence)

HEREDIA & SAMARA(ages 13-17)
(Supervised - chaperoned Homestay)
SAN PEDRO, SAN JOSE(ages 13-17)
(Supervised - chaperoned Homestay)

NICE (ages 8-17)
(Supervised - Residence or Homestay)
ANTIBES,(ages 8-17)
(Supervised - Residence or Homestay)
CANNES,(ages 12-17)
(Supervised - Homestay or Residence)
MONACO (ages 13-17)
(Supervised - lodging on campus)
BIARRITZ (ages 13-17)
(Supervised - Residence)
PARIS (ages 12-17)
(Supervised - lodging on campus)
MONTPELLIER(ages 11-16)
(Supervised - Residence)
PARIS, France (age 16+)
(Unsupervised - Homestay)
MONTPELLIER, Fr (age 16+)
(Unsupervised - Homestay)
NICE, France (age 16+)
(Unsupervised - Homestay)

MONTREAL (ages 12-17)
(Supervised - Homestay)
MONTREAL (age 18+)
(Unsupervised - Homestay)
QUEBEC CITY (ages 10-17)
(Supervised - Residence or Homestay)
QUEBEC CITY (age 18+)
(Unsupervised - Homestay)

MONTREUX (ages 13-17)
(Supervised - Homestay)
LEYSIN (ages 13-17)
(Supervised - Residence)

SHANGHAI (ages 13-19)
(Supervised - Homestay or Residence)
BEIJING (ages 13-19)
(Supervised - Homestay)

BERLIN (ages 16-17)
(Supervised - Residence)
FREIBURG (ages 13-17)
(Supervised - Residence)
MUNICH (ages 12-17)
(Supervised - Residence)
MUNSTER (ages 16-17)
(Supervised - Homestay)
MUNICH (age 16+)
(Unsupervised - Homestay)

VIENNA (ages 12-17)
(Supervised - on campus Residence)
VIENNA (age 16+)
(Unsupervised - Homestay)

ENGELBERG (ages 10-17)
(Supervised - Residence)

LIGNANO (ages 12-17)
(Supervised - on campus Residence)
FLORENCE (age 16+)
(Unsupervised - Homestay)

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